Alta De Vos
Alta De VosRhodes University

My current research centres around two aims: (1) developing a baseline understanding of our protected area network, their governance, spatial distribution and …

Belinda Reyers
Belinda ReyersCST

Belinda’s research explores the use of theories and methods from social-ecological systems resilience research in development practice and policy, she is also a senior advisor on Resilience and Development at SRC and an Extra-ordinary Professor at the Universities of Stellenbosch and Pretoria.

Bianca Currie
Bianca CurrieSustainability Research Unit, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Bianca has an interest in facilitating social learning in public participation processes and developing a social learning assessment tool.

Carolyn (Tally) Palmer
Carolyn (Tally) PalmerUnilever Centre for Environmental Water Quality, Institute for Water Research, Rhodes University

My bio-physical research has focused within the stressor-response domain where I …

Catherine (Kate) Pringle
Catherine (Kate) PringleResilient Systems Institute
Kate has a background in environmental science and environmental law and currently operates as an independent researcher.
Charlie Shackleton
Charlie ShackletonRhodes University
Ecology, use & management of non-timber forest products; Natural capital in livelihoods; Urban forestry & greening; Wild edible foods & local food security.
Christo Fabricius
Christo FabriciusSustainability Research Unit, NMMU
Global Lead Scientist for Wildlife Conservation with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Professor at Nelson Mandela University, and Coordinating Lead Author (Scenarios) of the IPBES Sustainable Use assessment.
Dirk Roux
Dirk RouxSouth African National Parks
Conservation of freshwater ecosystems inside and outside protected areas, including co-learning with policy makers, managers and stakeholders.
Georgina Cundill
Georgina CundillRhodes University and the International Development Research Centre in Canada
I am interested in the human dimensions of natural resource management, particularly processes of collaboration and learning for social-ecological stewardship …
Graeme Cumming
Graeme CummingARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies
I have a wide range of interests, centering around understanding spatial aspects of ecology and the relevance of broad-scale …
Gregg Brill
Gregg BrillUniversity of Cape Town
Ecosystem services, natural resource management, ecosystem valuation and value chains, conservation management, human-wildlife conflict, informal economies.
Harry Biggs
Harry BiggsSouth African National Parks
Adaptive governance of natural resource management including stakeholders; IWRM; bioregionalism; complexity.
Hayley Clements
Hayley ClementsCentre for Complex Systems in Transition, Stellenbosch University
Hayley’s research applies social-ecological systems thinking to assess the resilience of protected areas and conservation landscapes
Ilse Kotzee
Ilse KotzeeCSIR
My research interests are centred around building resilience to climate change impacts by looking specifically at …
James Gambiza
James GambizaRhodes University
Rangeland ecology, land degradation, systems ecology, fire, herbivory, natural resource management.
Jasper Slingsby
Jasper SlingsbySouth African Environmental Observation Network (SAEON), Fynbos Node
My current interest is in the processes that determine the composition and diversity …
Jeanne Nel
Jeanne NelCSIR
Freshwater ecosystem management. Water Resources management. Water-related ecosystem services. Mainstreaming …
Karen Esler
Karen EslerStellenbosch University
Karen is head of the Department of Conservation Ecology & Entomology at Stellenbosch University (since 2015).
Karen Kotschy
Karen KotschyUniversity of the Witwatersrand
Karen has a background in ecology, geography and education, with a PhD in Riparian Ecology from the University of the Witwatersrand.
Laura Pereira
Laura PereiraUniversity of Cape Town
I’m interested in bringing a socio-ecological systems framing to questions of inclusive innovation in the food system …
Linda Luvuno
Linda LuvunoStellenbosch University
My research interests are around large, abrupt, long-lasting changes in the structure and function of social-ecological …
Luthando Dziba
Luthando DzibaCSIR
Climate change impacts on terrestrial ecosystems. Ecosystem services science-policy interface. Ecosystem services and poverty alleviation. Ecology and management …
Maike Hamann
Maike HamannCentre for Complex Systems in Transition (CST), University of Stellenbosch
I am a researcher at the Centre for Complex Systems in Transition (CST) at Stellenbosch University …
Marja Spierenburg
Marja SpierenburgLeiden University
Marja Spierenburg is Professor in the Anthropology of Sustainable Development and Livelihoods at Leiden University (the Netherlands), and Research Fellow at Stellenbosch University South Africa.
Mathieu Rouget
Mathieu RougetUniversity of KwaZulu-Natal
I am interested in the interface between science and management in the disciplines of integrated land use planning, biological invasions and ecosystem services.
Nadia Sitas
Nadia SitasCSIR
My research explores some of the opportunities and challenges for mainstreaming ecosystem services in land-use planning at a local level, using a case study in the Eden District (Eden) of South Africa …
Odirilwe Selomane
Odirilwe SelomaneCSIR
am interested in human well-being and more particularly how it relates to the natural environment. My current research project aims to understand particular aspects of how the ecosystem services …
Oghenekaro Nelson Odume
Oghenekaro Nelson OdumeRhodes University
I have my core training in Water Resource Science with special focus on aquatic ecology and ecotoxicology, including pollution studies and biodiversity, environmental water quality, aquatic ecosystem …
Patrick O'Farrell
Patrick O'FarrellCSIR
Patrick specialises in ecosystem service ecology and assessment, landscape change, restoration and emerging ecosystems.
Rebecka Malinga
Rebecka MalingaCentre for Water Resources Research, University of KwaZulu-Natal
I am doing postdoctoral research within the Future Climate for Africa (FCFA) project UMFULA (Uncertainty reduction in Models for Understanding Development Applications) …
Reinette (Oonsie) Biggs
Reinette (Oonsie) BiggsCentre for Complex Systems in Transition, Stellenbosch University & Stockholm Resilience Centre, Sweden
Prof Reinette (Oonsie) Biggs holds a DST/NRF South African Research Chair (SARChI) in Social-Ecological Systems and Resilience. She coordinated the Southern African Program on Ecosystem Change and Society (SAPECS).
Robert (Bob) Scholes
Robert (Bob) ScholesGlobal Change Institute, University of the Witwatersrand
Bob is a Professor of Systems Ecology and an expert on ecosystem dynamics, particularly in savannas. He leads scientific assessments and teaches on systems theory and sustainability.
Ryan Blanchard
Ryan BlanchardCSIR - Natual resources and the Environment
I am interested in understanding the impacts of plant invasions on biodiversity and ecosystem services. In particular, I am interested in how this results in changes to the ….
Sharon Pollard
Sharon PollardAssociation for Water and Rural Development
Dr Sharon Pollard is executive director of the Association for Water and Rural Development (AWARD ) a small research based NGO that operates in the north eastern …
Sheona Shackleton
Sheona ShackletonRhodes University
Ecosystem services, vulnerability, poverty, climate change adaptation, natural resource management, household use of natural resources, non-timber forest products …
Simphiwe Ngcobo
Simphiwe NgcoboCentre for Water Resources Research, University of KwaZulu-Natal
Hydrology, Global Change and Earth Systems Science, Hydrological Modelling, Water Resources Management, Resilience and Adaptation Science, …
Susi Vetter
Susi VetterRhodes University
I am an ecologist interested in the reciprocal relationship between people and their natural environment. Much of my research has focused on communal rangelands …
Vanessa Masterson
Vanessa MastersonStockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University
The role of sense of place, connectedness to nature and group identity in resilience of social-ecological systems, particularly in the context of urban migration …