Deagrarianisation: What are the underlying reasons and effects with focus on livelihoods, poverty reduction and climate change According to a newly released FAO report, food insecurity is increasing in the world. An alarming reversal of a previous opposite trend. Planting your own food might be an important adaptation strategy in face of climate change. At the same time, across Africa, and in other parts of the world, many farmers stop farming. This webinar unites researchers working on the broad theme of deagrarianisation across contexts in Africa and Europe. We will present and discuss research and build new networks – forging [...]


Theory development

The Theory Development Working Group is focused on exploring and expanding the theory and theoretical frameworks that are relevant to SAPECS and either are or will be important for its future progress.


Students Working Group

The Students Working Group is a platform for students and other early-career scientists engaged in the SAPECS network to exchange ideas, seek advice, form professional connections and help shape the education and training activities offered by SAPECS researchers.

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