Working group lead: Belinda Reyers

Working group members: Patrick O’Farrell, Jeanne Nel, Sharon Pollard, Pippin Anderson, Oonsie Biggs, James Gambiza, Odirilwe Selomane, Rebecka Malinga, Gregg Brill, Maike Hamann

Working group description:

This working group aims to explore the linkages between ecosystem services and human well-being, using a social-ecological systems approach, and focusing on the development of tools and methods to measure, model and map ecosystem services and human well-being in the southern African region.

The working group members share years of experience in modelling and mapping a variety of ecosystem services at different scales, and one of the group’s first products was a database that captures methodological details of the various mapping studies conducted by SAPECS members in southern Africa. This database is particularly useful as a source of information and reference for researchers starting out in the field of ecosystem services.

Furthermore, this working group works closely with the Theory Development and Mainstreaming working groups to advance the theoretical understanding of ecosystem services and their links to human well-being, as well as the application of that understanding in policy and management.