Working group lead: Maike Hamann

Working group members: Ryan Blanchard, Gregg Brill, Bianca Currie, Ilse Kotzee, Rebecka Malinga, Vanessa Masterson, Odirilwe Selomane, Nadia Sitas

Working group description:

The Students Working Group is a platform for students and other early-career scientists engaged in the SAPECS network to exchange ideas, seek advice, form professional connections and help shape the education and training activities offered by SAPECS researchers.

Members of this working group meet at least twice a year to identify specific needs and/or wishes of students in terms of advanced training and knowledge exchange within the SAPECS network. For example, student input into the creation of a syllabus for a social-ecological, transdisciplinary ’winter school’ is coordinated through this working group. In addition, members work on collaborative mini-projects, such as surveying the opportunities and challenges experienced by students within the social-ecological research space, and feed the results back to the SAPECS group at large.

In summary, the main purpose of the Students Working Group is to support students and other early-career scientists in the often puzzling but exciting research arena at the interface of ecosystem change and society.