Please take a moment to complete an online survey (link below) about nature-based ‘solutions’ and social equity in Southern Africa.

Click here to complete the survey: (time to complete: ~30 mins)

This online survey is for you, if you are a researcher, policy maker, project/programme coordinator/manager or consultant working broadly in the fields of protection, restoration and sustainable management of natural and semi-natural ecosystems and working/cultural lands (which fall under the umbrella of nature-based solutions) in the Southern African region.

Examples of the wide range of nature-based solutions include protected areas, clearing invasive alien trees, ecosystem restoration including reforestation and wetland restoration, agroforestry, conservation agriculture and sustainable forest management amongst many others. Nature-based solutions also cover those actions under other similar terms such as (but not limited to) ecosystem-based adaptation, REDD+, sustainable land management and community-based natural resource management.

This online survey forms part of the TES NbS (Towards Equitable and Sustainable Nature-based Solutions) research project, which aims to increase awareness of the opportunities and constraints of nature-based solutions, especially as these relate to vulnerable groups in Southern Africa.

See more information about the online survey at the link above and see a full description of the research project, including focal countries, here: and a Theory of Change here:

In the next few weeks, you can also expect to receive an invite to our multi-stakeholder workshop which will be on 23 February 2022. We will use this workshop to share the preliminary results of this survey as well as our research thus far on equity and nature-based solutions; and provide a space for open discussions on the information, data and products needed for supporting more equitable and sustainable nature-based solutions in Southern Africa.

Dr Petra Holden and Prof. Sheona Shackleton

Project Principal Investigator (PI) and Co-PI

Towards Equitable and Sustainable Nature-based Solutions (TES NbS) and 

African Climate & Development Initiative

TES NbS ethics approval: