I am looking for an MSc student who in interested in the interface between natural resource science and social science in land and water resource management. The bursary is for R90 000 per year for two years, starting as soon as possible.

You will be working in a vibrant Water Governance Development research team that is part of the large DEA-NRM-funded Tsitsa Project (https://sites.google.com/view/tsitsa-project/home).

The Governance Development research aims to support the emergence of participatory land and water governance in the Tsitsa River catchment.

Your project would address the research question: How does an experience of research participation lead to active participation in land and water governance?

Objective:To use a Capability Pathway model to record and discuss the developmental stages of participatory governance capacity in: 1) six selected community participants and 2) six selected local, provincial or national government municipal officials.

Please contact: Professor Tally Palmer tally.palmer@ru.ac.za