The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) has some new PhD positions at the Institute of Design. Strategic investments from the Ministry of Education in Norway in the wake of COVID-19, has resulted in additional recruitment through existing calls for this autumn 2020 and a doubling of our master’s program intake.
Additional proposals are invited towards an existing call for Systems Oriented Design, here:
To enable additional applications, the call deadline is extended to 22 June 2020.
The additional PhD positions are linked to a number of themes in Systems Oriented Design connected to ongoing research inquiries at the Institute of Design at AHO. The text here is a supplement to the initial call. The two main requirements of the initial call, Systems Oriented Design and sustainability / circular design must be addressed. In particular, we are interested in applications that have the potential to address the themes of aesthetics, futures and the collective, such as
1. Aesthetics and visualisation in design practice. Please contact Kjetil Norby
2. Emerging technologies for aesthetics in design practice. Please contact Lise Amy Hansen
3. Design anticipation and shaping change for futures sustainable living. Please contact Andrew
4. Design, sustainability, climate change and futures. Please contact: Håkan Edeholt

5. Design’s role in shaping the culture of collectives. Please contact: Josina Vink

6. Involvement of people in participatory design approaches. Please contact: Josina Vink
For questions about the original call, please contact 
Tobias Luthe or Birger Sevaldson