Rhodes University and the Tsitsa Project are excited to announce the opening of applications for a new national level online course: Facilitating social learning and stakeholder engagement in natural resource management.

The course aims to inform and strengthen the existing and future practice of educators, trainers, facilitators (and people interested in these roles) working in NRM contexts with up-to-date theory, methods and processes. Participant practices will be strengthened through a series of assignments tailored by students and their mentors to meet their contextual and organisational needs.

There is no prior level of experience required – the course draws and builds upon your existing knowledge and practice OR your ideas on what you want to do. Module content and assignments will support and enrich what you know, and want to do.

The course comprises four modules running from October 2020 to March 2021.  

To achieve the intended learning outcomes the course will employ a combination of training videos, interactive online discussions, ongoing dedicated mentorship on the course content and assignment development and submission.

Registration Fee: R7 000 per participant

There are two application options:

1) Certificate of Competence (NQF Level 5) (requires a Matric), or 

2) Certificate of Participation.

Please follow this link for more information and to apply.

Please share this invitation to any applicable person or relevant network.

Closing date for applications is the 15th of August.